The Interlocking Loops's podcast

Epidose 3

Ravelry:  Angellac

current knitting:  Moxie Pullover by Amy Christoffers, vanilla socks in Western Sky Knits  lilac rainbow colorway twinkle sock base pattern loosely adapted from knitting pure and simple  beginners lightweight socks #216

Finished:  Shalom cardigan and frostbeat headband

Excited about: Kiss of North by Melissa Schaschwary

Spinning CVM 6 ounces done 4 or so more to go

farm life:  Baby chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery

Sewing :  Knitting Blooms tutorial youtube tote bag

Cooking:  Crockpot recipes Taste Of Home Mushroom and Steak Stroganoff and Wild Rice 



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