The Interlocking Loops's podcast

Finished:  Preemie Hats basic pattern from Jane Bonning Perfect Knitted Preemie Cap

Current Knitting:  My Lollipop socks Downton Abbey colorway from Lillipop yarns on etsy  Need to have heels put in.  

Kiss of North by Dandelion designs has been picked up again  

Generic socks yet to be named US 1.5 DPN''s, Patons Kroy socks FX in cascade colors marled brown , gray and teal

Spinning no progress but washing Jacob Fleece 

Info re Correidale fleece from

Purchases at Iowa Sheepa and Wool Festival

YarnGeek Fibers rolags 

Silent Auction CVM fleece in a morit medium brown color

Met Yarn Geek Fibers Dyer Sarah see link to her shop above

Also Diet Sprite on Rav an avid sock knitter

Kristi from In a Sknit video podcast   hello Kristi!!  and

Both girls from The prairie Girls Knit and Spin audio podcast hi Danni and Susie!!  I recommend both podcasts highly!



Recipes:  Honey Salmon in Foil


Easy Potato skins recipe


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