The Interlocking Loops's podcast

Current Knitting:  Moxie Pullover By Amy Christoffers, Vanilla socks in Western Sky Knits yarn, Honey Cowl smaller size with hand dyed yarn 2 ply unknown yardage dyed by me

Yarn aquisition Mad tosh vintage Alizarin colorway ordered

Purchased patterns:  Sea Stines by Melissa Schaschwary ,Effortless cardigan  by Hanah Fettig and September Morn by Baby Cocktails

Spinning which one: Loop bullseye bump or fat cat knits polwarth in baby cakes colorway

My spinning wheels

Baby goats are here (all but one doe has kidded)

Cooking Asparagus  From Midwest Living magazine april 2014, Garlic Roasted Asparagus

Join me on Ravelry Interlocking loops podcast group has been set up

find me on ravelry as Angellac, twitter as @goatgirlangella


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